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How to contact us

If you are interested in meeting us – Diamond Way buddhists – the best solution is to visit one of our Diamond Way centers. Here you can follow a public meditation and receive explanations for practices which we use as well as other useful information. You can also use our buddhist library with books and materials also available in English.

Contact Form


You can write to us with any question you might have, or with any ideas or remarks about buddhism, our centers, activities, events that we organize, this website and our association, etc. You don’t have to fill in your "E-mail", but please do so if you are interested in the answer ;).

E-mail and phone

General questions

  • 0903 838 043 (Ján Kysucký)
  • 0903 770 773 (Tatiana Orgoníková)

Questions concerning buddhism and centers in Slovakia

Diamond Way teachers in Slovakia:

  • 0903 838 043 (Ján Kysucký)
  • 0948 513 108 (Zuzana Ilavská)


  • 0948 006 965 (Ondrej Kořínek)