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The Vision

The building-up of a retreat place is a long-term activity. Right after the purchase took place a boom of activity has arisen, which made the organizing of courses and living in the place throughout the whole year possible, though in a bit more rough conditions at that time.

The reconstruction of the house is finishing at the moment. From the architectural view, the original look of the building was preserved, as well as the 1st floor room layout. There is now a large meditation room in the garret with a magnificent view on Poľana. Between the meditation sessions one can relax on a rather grand wooden terrace.

The Plan is

  • to finish the reconstruction of the house and the 100 square meters large meditation room (finished in 2009)
  • water cleaning system and sewage
  • to repair the barn (to replace the roof covering, tamp the walls, fix the gates and to mount new windows)
  • to build a farm building (storehouse, garage, workshop)
  • to repair former granary
  • to build a retreat house
  • to build a buddhist stupa on a hill above Mangútovo

Project History

  • 2006
    • access road fixed and flattened
    • barn reconstructed to function as a field kitchen and cowshed as showers
    • electricity installed
    • wooden "lama hut" built
  • 2007
    • house drainage completed
    • original well improved and new well dug out
    • house foundations stabilized
    • demolition of the old roof and of the front wall
    • annular arch, walling for the new garret, framework construction, new roof
    • water and electricity instalation in the house, heating, plasters in the rooms, windows
  • 2008
    • flooring in the rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets, foreside of the house
    • isolation of the meditation room (gompa), electricity and heating instalation
  • 2009
    • finishing of the meditation room in the attic

Project Visualisation

House - center future state visualisation

Financial support of the project

  • Account# 2625726855 / 1100
  • Tatrabanka, name of account: Spoločnosť buddhizmu Diamantovej cesty
  • IBAN code: SK71 1100 0000 0026 2572 6855
  • SWIFT code: TATR SK BX
  • Variable attributes: 2210020018

Thank you for your support!